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I guess you can you can say that I titled my blog from my morning tunes. MajoryKey!! Today though we're going to talk "Styling brands and not letting brands style you." A lot of times you may look at a brand and see that they have certain looks put together and you may feel pressured to buy that exact look. Because what.. It's on trend?! But ask yourself? Is that the look that you really want to wear. Is it that you just like a piece from that ensemble or is it that you like the whole outfit. Nonetheless, when you wear brands it's important to make them originate with you. Here I have two of my favorite brands on and I wanted to take a conventional jumpsuit and give it a little bit of a edge because that's what I always imagine when I think about a jumpsuit!  A girls night out. Dancing and drinks. A lot of drinks. LOL. But what's really cool about jumpsuits is that they are very versatile. You can bring edge like myself. Or you can soften them up with a nice flat shoe, hair down and less accessories.
I hope you enjoyed today blog and the pics below! 
Enjoy your Saturday loves! 4 days until fall is here. My favorite season of fashion! 

Xoxo Tellz


  1. I Love this jumpsuit on YOU and you sure made it all yours. Kudos!

  2. This is my favorite post thus far. From the styling to the content. Love it!


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