2 Years and Counting...

Hey Loves,
Today I acknowledge that Tellylovesfashion is officially 2 years old. Things i'm proud of:
> Never once buying any of my followers or readers. 
>Never once holding back any of myself. Only giving you true honest style while still giving you trends. 
>I'm proud of the companies I've worked with and the ones to come! (Stay tuned)
>And the friendships I've made. 
Tellylovesfashion is just another fashion blog to some. But to me its a lifestyle. My lifestyle.
And in true Telly fashion, we must talk it. Lets discuss the look....

I could not concentrate until I could wear this amazing number! True to its name The Showstopper 
Sequin Maxi Skirt is the luxe of them all. Yet another statement piece from Society+. Perfect for this time of year. Made well. Definitely, worth your pennies. I will not be satisfied until I have every color. Which includes Black/Gold/Blue/Rose Gold. Silver is the color i'm rocking.

By pairing the bomber with this skirt gave it a little something extra. Could quite easily be paired with a sweater or blouse. But my next try at this skirt will be a graphic sweatshirt or moto jacket and tee. Fun chic style.

Thanks for reading today!

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New Arrivals: Black/Gold (Pictured)


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