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I turned 28 the other day. No big deal really. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learn not to obsess with age. In the past, I mainly struggled with feeling like I haven’t accomplished much. Looking forward I can see a handful of my accomplishments. One being the success of this blog. And I’m just getting warmed up! 

I have the opportunity to work with FashionNovaCurve  I’ve always heard about them but never gotten around to shopping. When I received my first haul. I was truly shook at how nice of quality some pieces were. Super affordable and super trendy. As a woman with a plus size figure. Size 16. I find that most brands tend to a certain type of woman. Concertive. Which I am. But I do have a sexy side to me. And I feel Fashion Nova Curve sorta scratches that itch. Not getting paid for this post by the way. But I felt compelled to write about them. Just Incase someone is on the fence. Go for it! Have you ever loved something you found in a store and saw it only reached a Large in size. Yea you won’t run into that problem here. And if you decide to listen to your girl. Use my code for a little something, something off “Tellylovesfashion” at Checkout. :) 

I can’t express how glad I am to be back at writing again. Blogging wasn’t about Instagram for me when I begin. I started as a freedom of expression. One of my favorite to be honest. Fashion. And Instagram and those numbers got me really caught up. Now I truly don’t care what the numbers look like. I just want to enjoy it again. And that’s my only goal right now. Not working with all these different brands. Because that will come if the talent is there. But creativity can’t be fake or mastered by some order online. I’m learning to just be me again. I’ll right more on this soon. But for now. Your girl loves ya for supporting her blog. And being on this Journey with me. Until next time loves ;)

Xo Telly 

“Have Fun Joggers” - Love these and their super comfortable!
“Leyla Off the Shoulder Sweater” -I love this top, looks great with a pair of jeans or sweats. 

“Voted Most Popular Bodysuit”  - My first real bodysuit and I’m super impressed.

“Stassi Studded Pump” - I don’t got anywhere without getting amazing complements on these. I think these shoes look way more expensive then they’re actually are. Just 40$ bucks! Ikr!


  1. YAY! Glad you're back in business girl!! Can't wait to link up!

    xx, Chanda | www.mschanda.com


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