It’s a Rose Gold Thang

Happy friday loves,

Sharing my current favorite denim with you today. Not only are these beauties stylish. They are super comfortable. Like I could run in these jeans comfortable. So it got my to thinking. What do we look for in a good pair of denim? Here 5 characteristics of a perfect pair of jeans..

1. The Style.

2. The Color

3. The Fit

4. The Comfort

5. Booty Action (Has to compliment) " Okurrr"


Hope you enjoyed today blog! See ya next Friday!

What says perfect pair of jeans for you? Comment Bellow

(Outfit Dets)
Precious Fit High Waisted Jeans - BEST JEANS EVER!!!!!! 


  1. LOVE!!!! Nothing like a good rose gold pair of shoes, I swear!

    xx, Chanda |

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