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Hey Guys!

Feels so good to be back writing. Got so much to catch up on. And to discuss how my blog will be producing videos soon. Naturally any fashion blog comes to a point where it has to expand. No I won’t be doing makeup tutorials. But I plan on taking you with me on some of my shopping trips. Ie. “Shop with Telly” and bring you into my closet. Sharing blogger mail etc. And as a blogger of 4 years this past October! Wow time flew. Expect for me to share some tips and tricks that I’ve come to learn. I think it’s important that your interest in blogging comes from a true interest in fashion and sharing. I see a lot of “clout” bloggers. People who started blogging for the “so called” fame. As a blogger is important to never lose sight that your first a consumer. So honest reviews are important. Just because a brand with a large following wants to work with you. But merchandise is trash. No excuses shall be made. We help brands grow truthfully. And that’s why a media kit is so important. You must get paid for the valuable addition you add to a brand. Whether or not you have a large following. Your time and energy is worth more than numbers. You’ll learn that quickly. Anywho, I’m glad to be writing to you. And you reading again! I truly appreciate my readers. Specially those that's been here from Jump! I wanna try something new and ask my audience questions like I did in the beginning. As a reader and consumer yourself, “Do bloggers encourage you to purchase from brands you never purchase from before?

Look forward to hearing your responses! Enjoy this look. Dets at the bottom.

Xo Telly!


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