I will never fit in...

Class in sess?!
Hunny when I tell you this is my favorite look to date. Wanted to switch it up for the blog with this Royal Navy wig. You like? This dress will be cherished for the rest of my life. I immediately wanted to buy it 10 times over. I love a statement. Its funny. I'm really shy at times but my cloths aren't shy at all. I love my cloths loud! lol. That brings me to my next point "I will never fit in." This was the text I sent a friend yesterday. I just won't... I wasn't made to. I truly believe that. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to be different from your peers. But its also a very good thing. I love being a individual. The moment I feel myself trying to fit in. I get figurative hives.

Apart of being a individual is being ok with people not getting you. For instance, most of the time. I wear anything. People ask me not to lol. But in true Telly fashion. I decide to trust  my style and I'm much happier in the end. And usually those same folks say they love my outfit later. Haha So just stay true to you. And don't be afraid to be yourself. I promise you I won't. :)




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