Comfy Sunday

Today I aimed for that comfortable look while still possessing style. When it comes to a sweater you can totally achieve that look. All you'll need is a sweater and a statement piece. In this post my statement is my maxi skirt. The skirt was originally a dress I no longer cared for the shape of. Although I was very much in love with the skirt of the dress. Snip snip. That is a big part of my thrifting . If I love some parts of a piece and not others. I'll just cut them off when I get home. Otherwise, I would  be missing out on a awesome skirt! This skirt is my go to skirt. I've paired this thing with many tops. T-Shirts, Blouse, leather jackets, vest etc. The list goes on! And in this case today when my other skirt fell through, my infamous maxi skirt was waiting for me. This sweater cost me $4.65. It's by Outlander. Black lamb's wool. Soooo comfortable. I wore my black cowboy booties and grabbed my shades. And I was on my way. Look look below:

Skirt/Dress: Davids Bridal (Older)
Booties: Walmart $14
Sweather: Community Thrift (Here) $4.65
Clutch: Regeneration  (Here) $4.00



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