My Top Thrifter of 2014: Personal Bravery

Good Afternoon Fashion Loves!

Today I am featuring " My Top Thrifter of 2014". Drum roll please?!
Its Princess (Fox) Wilcoxson! In the blogging world we know her as Personal Bravery. 
Right at the start of my blogging journey I stumbled across her page and I fell in love immediately.
 True to her name her looks are very brave and adventurous. I never grow bored with her look. Her style is so original. That brings me to my next point... SHE THRIFTS! And goodness is she good at it. She can make an outfit she paid very less for look like she spent hundreds. Did I mention her hair cut? Its oh so fab! So all these things should go to show why she had to be "My Top Thrifter of 2014". I caught up with the lady of the hour and asked her a couple of questions. Lets take a look at that interview:

Telly: What made you decide to start blogging?

PrincessI have had a love for fashion for as long as I can remember. In 2010, I got the opportunity to live in Australia and this is when I discovered the world of fashion blogging. "Saks in the City" was the first fashion blog that I ever read. I never knew this world existed! From then on I knew I had to create my own blog to express my personal style.

TellyDescribe your style in 1 word. (She couldn't lol) 

PrincessAlways evolving! That's really two words but hey...

TellyWhat about thrifting do you enjoy the most?

PrincessIt's something about the thrill of finding those hidden treasures that most times you weren't even expecting to find! I love how someone else's trash becomes another man's treasure! It's so much fun and it allows me to be creative and put my twist on different items.

TellyFor some contemplating blogging, what is your best advice for them?

Princess Always be yourself! Don't change yourself for anybody. Being a blogger, it can be really easy to get frustrated about your growth or how you may fit in, but trust the process. It's something amazing about being organic. Always know that you have something to give!

TellyLast but not least.Your style inspiration, who inspires princess?

PrincessWho inspires my style? There are so many I could name! You, I love how you wear what you want. Your style is eclectic. It's such a beauty in that. I really like Karla Deras from "Karla's Closet" Her blog was one of the first blogs I fell in love with. Her shoe collection is amazing! I also really like Solange's style. She pretty much slays every day. I mean ma'am you slay at breakfast. Ugh! I also really like Joi from "In My Joi" She's so organic with her style! She truly wears what she wants. You never know what to expect with her. One day it could be a pencil skirt and cropped top, the next day it could be jeans and sneakers or a ball gown. I absolutely love it!! 

I was honored to be apart of this beauty's inspiration. There's no doubt in my mind this lovely lady will be doing some big things come 2015. Are you ready for it?

Special Thanks to Princess "Personal Bravery" for taking the time out for this feature.
For more on her blog check out:

xoxoxo Telly!


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