Literally Unbothered

"showing or feeling a lack of concern about or interest in something"

What does that mean for me? 
It means to absolutely let nothing sway your Joy or disturb your peace. It's so much with blogging I notice. At times you can find yourself getting caught up by the opinions of others. Or the number of followers. At times even the number of lost followers. Not me. I am literally over it. I didn't start blogging for anyone but myself. My resolve was to be myself from the start. I knew in time those genuine followers and readers would come along.
As I continue into my second year I can really notice the difference. I feel like I'm far more wiser and put on game. I notice in the blogging community there's a competitive spirit in the air. I'm not interested in competing with anyone.
I'm literally unbothered and staying in my own lane.   

I can't get caught up in the hype. When blogging you really have to focus on what you bring to the table. Also, being confident in that. You're you. Your JuJu as I like to put it. Haha! That's where I am. Maybe I don't have 10k followers yet. But I'm on my way. And I'm sure of it. The people love Telly. Haha. I love you back!

Now to reiterate something... We are what? Literally Unbothered. 

Chao Loves,

Xx Telly


  1. You look comfy & chic in this outfit. Keep doing you. . .youre Juju. I love this post because 10k followers is not important when you have a good Tribe. Enjoy your Life. . .

    1. "Good Tribe" I like that. Thanks for positive vibes.

  2. Beautiful Pics and Nice Look

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  3. Loved reading your post! I honestly have given up caring about how many followers I have, I just want my content to be great/useful for the people who read it. If they appreciate what I’ve put on my blog then I have done my job. I love your blog and keep doing your think because you’re going places!

    Carmen Carter
    Simply Carmen Renee

    1. You are so sweat heart Carmen! Really appreciate you saying that. Love how genuine you are. Thanks for your positive words!


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