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This is me. In my favorite converse platforms. Getting shaded by the sun literally. Went down moments before I pulled up to shoot. SHADY! I digress. I wanted to talk today about the word "muse" What does that word mean? Well lets focus on the second meaning "a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist." 
While I love Instagram. Its full of inspiration. This can be its downside too. So many talented people. It can overwhelming though, and often conflicting. You'll find that creatively you aren't thriving because your watching the next person. Your saying, "What will so and so do?" Here's the lesson. DON'T! Its so important that you make yourself your main muse. Question, Who's Beyonce muse? BEYONCE! My point really should end there lol....

Does this look cute? lol.

Its been my goal this time around to really live by that. To brand storm ideas. Although, I love checking in on pinterst and my fashion friends. I'm not gonna get caught up by that. I want me to inspire me. Like Beyonce inspires Beyonce. Haha. Lesson, BE YOUR OWN MUSE!


24K Magic Gold Pleated Skirt
Converse Lift Platform Sneakers
Aldo Purse

WHO YOUR MUSE? (Comment Below)

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