"Big Smiley"

Hey Loves,

Popping in short and sweet. Normally I just post on Fridays. But its safe to say I missed you. (: Fun Fact! In middle school my nickname was " Big Smiley". Given by my gym teacher. He would often comment on how every time he saw me I had a " Big Smile".  I feel like as I've gotten older. I am still known by my smile. But unfortunately I have to be reminded to. Well that has changed for me this year. I've sorta made a oath with myself to smile more and let go. Refocus the Focus. When I feel myself getting worked up by life's anxieties. I just redirect that energy into a smile. A genuine smile. Because there is always something to smile about. As a result? Well look for yourself....

I hope today's post made you smile! Take control of your own energy. See ya Friday babes.


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